The Institute for Policy and Reform is a civic organisation, promoting debate about society, its modernisation, governance, policy and reforms.

It is based on the values of pluralist democracy, free market and the protection of human rights. It promotes freedom and responsibility of the individual. It strives for the promotion of traditional universal values including solidarity in social and interpersonal relationships.

The Institute for Policy and Reform promotes cooperation in a united and integrated Europe. It believes in a free, democratic and flexible Europe, capable of competition at home and in the world. It rejects a Europe bound by overregulation and bureaucratic immobility, and the weakening and jeopardising of Europe by populism and nationalism.

The Institute for Policy and Reform helps in creating a platform for discussing the most pressing issues concerning the development of society and policy and the search for solutions to domestic and global challenges in the dynamically changing world. It supports transatlantic security cooperation but also creating opportunities in other areas of collaboration. It is interested in the growth of Slovakia’s competitiveness and in strength in Central Europe. Likewise, it is interested in the growth of the importance and contribution of the Central European region to the benefit of the entire European Union.

The Institute for Policy and Reform supports the sharing of Slovakia’s experience from its reforms and Euro-Atlantic integration process with other countries and their institutions.

The Institute for Policy and Reform believes in education, in civic and political activity of citizens, especially the youth. In its activities, it creates space for strengthening education, engagement and initiatives of citizens.